The Stan Morris Excellence in Handbell Teaching Award



Stan was a charter member, later a life member, and a strong steadying force in the Alberta Guild; the “GO-TO GUY” for music teachers in Calgary and the driving force behind the handbell programs and Youth Handbell Festivals in Southern Alberta. He was a kind and generous colleague who supported education, educators, and the Alberta Guild. Stan loved teaching, and his ringers and choirs were among the finest in Canada.  

Stan challenged Alberta teachers to push for excellence. When the Fifth International Symposium was held in Edmonton in 1992, Stan was invited to bring a choir to play at the Opening Ceremonies. The Swanson Elementary School Bellissima Ringers played five pieces at what now would be Level 3 difficulty and the world was introduced to the ”Bells in the Schools” program, begun by Cyril Mossop and John Nelson.  Our guests from Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Korea and Australia were extremely impressed and all these years later are coming to Albertans for advice on how bells can be used to teach music.  Stan Morris’ hard work gave Alberta a place of respect in the handbell community 

Stan’s attention to the musicality showed others what could be done on this incredible instrument with children ringers.


This Award celebrates Stan Morris’ efforts to help teachers develop the skills, knowledge, ability, experience and proficiency they needed to create school handbell programs and to develop extra-curricular choirs. It also celebrates his efforts to help create ALGEHR, which continues to help promote the development of the Handbell Arts here in Alberta. This award acknowledges teachers who continue to develop handbell artistry and instil the joy of music making in their students.


An award will be made each year provided an applicant meets the following criteria:

  • The teacher is being nominated for their current Handbell or Chime ringing program.
  • The nominated teacher must be someone who promotes learning and passion about music and bells in their program/choir. 
  • The nomination letter should include examples of how this person inspires musicianship in their students.
  • Anyone can present a nomination but it should be supported another colleague or choir members.
  • A nominee can only win the award once.

Award Details:

The Award will be 

  • An annual award.
  • A monetary gift of $150 to be spent at the winner’s discretion for further enrichment/training or attending another event.
  • Framed Certificate with Name, Date and Award.
  • Free one-year membership of ALGEHR.
  • Published photograph (optional) and article in the PEAL.
  • Photograph (optional) and name listed on the ALGEHR website.

Application Process:

Nominations are due by March 31. Decisions are made shortly after this; the winner and all the nominated teachers will be notified of the results.

A teacher may be nominated by fellow colleagues or students.  A completed application must be submitted to: by March 31 of every year. 

Selection Process:

  • All applications received by the March 31 deadline, will be reviewed by the designated “Stan Morris Award Committee” of ALGEHR made up of, but not limited to the Guild Chair, Treasurer and two other members of the Executive Board. 
  • The committee will review the submissions and forward a recommendation to the Executive Board for approval.
  • Once a winner is decided the recipient of the award and the nominator will be notified by the ALGEHR committee. 
  • The name of the winner of this Award will be published in the ALGEHR PEAL and listed on the ALGEHR website.
  • All Nominees will receive a notice that they were nominated, and will receive a certificate to celebrate their role in promoting bells in Alberta. 

You can download a nomination application here.

Winners of the Award

2018 - Glenda Pickering


ALGEHR is honoured to name music teacher Glenda Pickering the first recipient of The Stan Morris Excellence in Handbell Teaching Award. Stan Morris was committed to developing handbell artistry and instilling the joy of music making in his students.  It’s clear that Glenda excels in these areas of teaching as well. 

Glenda Pickering is currently the music specialist at the Ecole Campbelltown School in Sherwood Park. Glenda’s music program includes bells and chimes regularly. She has hosted and has attended the Edmonton Youth Festival several times with her students. Her handbell clubs are also extremely popular.