ALGEHR Symposium Endowment Fund (SEF) Grant

In 1992, the Alberta Guild hosted a very successful International Symposium, with ringers attending from Korea, Japan, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Chile and Canada. It was a major undertaking begun with very little funding, but resulting in a surplus thanks to greater than expected ticket sales, frugal planning and successful Post-Symposium tours. In April of 1994, the Board wisely arranged for the money to be invested in safe, interest-bearing funds, with the interest to be used to further the mission of the Alberta Guild of English Handbell Ringers.

Each year the interest funds ALGEHR’s SEF Grant program and the Composer Competition.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund grant program is to provide financial assistance to individuals, bell groups or event organizers for projects that support the Alberta Guild’s mission statement. The five categories under which one can apply are of equal value and weighting – International Symposia, Provincial workshops or programs, capital purchases, outreach and scholarships.

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  • Bell Époque (purchase of music, mallets, lights, foam covers)
  • Chi-Rho Ringers (attend the International Music Camp)
  • Jubellation Choir (assist with 25th Anniversary Concert and bell servicing)
  • Huntington Hills Pioneers Bells Angels (towards new music and purchase of Malmark Chimes)


  • Robertson-Wesley Music Society (towards restoration of Schulmerich bells)
  • Classic Bronze Society (assist with the Classic Bronze and Classic Copper event)


  • Louis Riel School, Calgary (purchase of Ring 'n Roll Cases)
  • Parkland Bells, St Andrews United (attend 2016 IHS)
  • First Baptist Church, Calgary (attend 2016 IHS)
  • Jubiloso! Bells of Concordia (Transportation of equipment to 2016 IHS)
  • Robertson-Wesley Music Society


  • Bells in Harmony (attend 2016 IHS)
  • Monsignor Hetherington School, Calgary (purchase mallets)
  • Salvation Army Church Choir, Lethbridge (purchase music and mallets)
  • Jubellation, Three Hills (purchase music and mallets)


(No applicants in 2014)


  • Jubiloso!, Edmonton (outreach)
  • Classic Bronze, Edmonton (hiring clinician)
  • Parkland Bells, Spruce Grove (purchase 4th octave chimes)
  • Gilbert Patterson Middle School, Lethbridge (purchase 4th octave bells)
  • St Vincent De Paul School, Calgary (purchase startup materials)

2012 - 2011

(No applicants in 2012 or 2011)


  • Gilbert Patterson Middle School, Lethbridge (purchase hand chimes)
  • St Anne School, Fort McMurray (purchase hand chimes)
  • Pine Street School, Sherwood Park (purchase hand chimes)

2009 - 2007

(No applicants in 2007, 2008, 2009)


  • Robertson-Wesley Ringers, Edmonton (attend IHS in Australia)


  • St Albert United Church, St Albert (attend Ringing Link in Penticton)
  • C3 Choir, Calgary (startup costs)


  • Dunluce School, Edmonton (performance with Edmonton Symphony)


  • Parkland Bells, Spruce Grove (purchase 3rd octave bells)


  • Concordia College, Edmonton (Ringspiration summer program)
  • Father Leo School, Edmonton (equipment purchase)


  • Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Calgary (startup costs)


  • St Albert United Church, St Albert (attend Ringing Link 2000)
  • Robertson-Wesley Ringers, Edmonton (production of a CD)


  • Coalhurst Elementary School, Coalhurst (purchase bells)


  • Alison Wood, Edmonton (attend IHS in Japan)
  • Camrose United Church, Camrose (attend Ringing Link 98)
  • Various teams in Edmonton (transportation to Ringing Link 98)


  • Highlands United Church, Edmonton (production of cassette recording)

Criteria for Assessment of Projects

1. Those projects which seem to be of the most benefit to the ringing community of Alberta will be given preference
2. The quality of the application will be considered. A proposal that clearly outlines the goal, purpose and how the project will benefit the provincial handbell community, as well as the education and qualifications of the individual or group applying will be an asset.
3. Financial need of the applicant(s) will be considered. We will view favorably those applications which demonstrate financial commitment to the project through indications of gathering or seeking funds from other sources,or willingness to contribute some of the funds personally.
4. A thorough, reasonable and itemized budget will reflect positively on the application

For further information contact
Anke Kelker,
Chairperson SEF Grant program

Each year, ALGEHR awards a grant from the Symposium Endowment Fund.
Details of this grant follow:
Grant Award: up to $2,000.00 per year with the maximum available for a single application being $1000.00
NOTE: The Board is under no obligation to award each year and reserves the right to award or refrain from awarding, any or all applications.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be members of ALGEHR or the recognized representative of the Handbell Guild of Canada

Each applicant may receive only one grant per year

Each applicant must be prepared to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, justification for funding, and a proposal for general benefit to the ringing community and will report back to the Guild when the project is over.

Grant Eligibility

Applications may be made under five equally weighted categories:

  1. International Symposia
  2. Provincial Workshops or Programs
  3. Capital purchases such as music, musical equipment, etc.
  4. Outreach
  5. Scholarships to events, etc.

Grant Application Procedures

Applications will include:

  • Project description (include relevance to eligibility requirements and/or ALGEHR mission statement,  financial information,  budget/financial statement)
  • Goals
  • Outcomes

Applications must be postmarked by March 31 of the current year and mailed to:

ALGEHR Symposium Endowment Fund
c/o Anke Kelker
#105, 10547 – 83 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 2E1

Grant recipients will be notified by June 1 of the current year.