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International Handbell Symposia are held every 2 years and attract some of the top handbell choirs in the world.  Pieces are chosen from each country and are rung “en masse” by all participants.

The Composition Contest promotes the composition and arrangement of music for handbells by Canadians, and in the process, the Canadian piece of handbell music is selected which will be used as the Canadian Massed Ringing item at the 18th International Handbell Symposium (IHS) in Cairns, Australia in 2018.  The theme will be “Reef and Rainforest Rings: One in Harmony“.


For more information about the contest, including rules and competition conditions, please click on the link…..2018-composition-contest-rules-conditions.  If you feel inspired, and would like to submit an original composition, or an arrangement of an original composition, download the entry form! 2018-composition-contest-entry.