Lorna Davidchuk

By Alison Wood
I was delighted to hear that one way in which the Alberta Guild celebrated its 30th Anniversary at Handbell Discovery was to award Lorna Davidchuk a Life Membership. What an appropriate thing to do! There have been many occasions when I have thought about how hard Lorna worked, and how instrumental she was in putting our guild on the right foot - giving it the structure and the stability needed to accomplish so much; the knowledge and ability to be in a position to host an International Symposium within only ten years of existence; and the wherewithal not just to survive, but to thrive over its thirty years. At the time Lorna was president, not many people recognized her vision, or appreciated her efforts. Thankfully, she is a very strong woman and made us do it anyway!
The gargantuan amount of work that Lorna accomplished during her presidency is not the kind of flashy, “Exciting Happening” that tends to win awards. It was however, the nut and bolts of a firm foundation that gave the Alberta Guild the ability to fly in certain areas, and the quiet place of respect it has earned in others. We owe a great deal to Lorna Davidchuk. I strongly believe that the fact we are having a thirtieth anniversary when other guilds are struggling is largely due to her efforts. Thank you to Lorna, for everything you did!